B & O Bang & Olufsen BeoRemote Halo BrassTone

The BeoRemote Halo is a smart remote control that allows you to easily control your Bang & Olufsen system without having to use your mobile device. It has an integrated touchscreen display and a floating aluminum ring that you can use to adjust the volume.

The BeoRemote Halo is simple and intuitive to use. You can quickly and easily access your favorite music, radio stations, and TV channels with a single touch. You can also use the BeoRemote Halo to control your smart home devices, such as lights, thermostats, and security systems.

The BeoRemote Halo is beautifully designed and made with the highest quality materials. It is a perfect addition to any home interior.


B & O Bang & Olufsen BeoRemote Halo BrassTone

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One touch to music – easy and simple

Beoremote Halo gives you all the convenience of a simple user interface to operate your Bang & Olufsen music system. When you get close to Beoremote Halo, the display lights up and offers you a one button press to select your music. There is no need to use your mobile device or to pull anything out of your pocket and fiddle around trying to find the right app to get started.

Portable and Dynamic

The Table Stand version includes a battery, so you can carry it around in your home. Charge it via USB-C or wirelessly with our Beoplay Charging Pad. With no further installation required, it can be directly connected to your speakers or Beosound Core and play your favorite music with just one touch.

As easy as switching on the lights

The Wall Mounted Version of Halo will be perfectly integrated with your interior design. Place it at a central point in your house or have one for each room, so you can switch on the music as easy as switching on the lights. Contact your local store to custom install it in your home.

One touch to music

Beoremote Halo offers four favourite buttons on the display screen. If you’re listening to a specific radio station on your Bang & Olufsen music system, you can press and hold a favourite button and the specific radio station will now be stored on this button. The simplicity of storing a favourite is the principle as car radios have used for decades.

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 13 × 11 × 12 cm

Brass Tone

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