Bang & Olufsen BeoLab 7.4 Active Loudspeaker silver

Bang & Olufsen BeoLab 7.4 brings any film or TV experience to life. Designed to give a powerful performance as a mono center channel speaker and fine tuned to realistically reproduce the sound of voices, the BeoLab 7.4 brings you a “true-to-life” experience. Boasting the same Acoustic Lens technology found in the BeoLab 5, next time you watch a movie, you won’t miss a whisper regardless of where you are seated.


  • Loudspeaker Two-way mono, active loudspeaker
  • Power consumption 12W, standby 0.3W
  • Acoustic Lens Technology Yes
  • Amplifier units Two 250W ICEpower units,
  • one for each driver unit
  • Frequency range 50 — 20,000 Hz
  • Drive units 5″ woofer/mid-range, 3/4″ treble
  • Thermal protection On each unit
  • Adaptive Bass Linearisation Yes

The Speaker is in perfect working condition and tested, but has minor marks PLEASE VIEW THE PICTURES.

The Wireless Connection

Bang & Olufsen BeoLab 7.4 can be connected to a Tibo Bond 2 Device (avaliable on our site), to make the speaker wireless and capable of playing wireless streaming music in high resolution.

More Connectivity Ideas

Sounds Heavenly have made a brillant video on how to connect the Beolab 7 series speakers to non Bang and Olufsen device.



Bang & Olufsen BeoLab 7.4 Active Loudspeaker silver


“This dedicated centre loudspeaker utilizes two exclusive technologies that differentiate BeoLab 7-4 from what is otherwise available on the market,” explains Villy Hansen, Product Manager at Bang & Olufsen. “The even distribution of sound from the acoustic lens provides extra authenticity when listening to speech from a film or on television and ICEpower ensures that BeoLab 7-4 can play to the most demanding set up imaginable — four of our BeoLab 5 loudspeakers.”

Superior performance from technology and construction Built on Active Loudspeaker technology and with thermal protection circuits that ensure the loudspeaker performs without distortion even at very high volume, BeoLab 7-4 can be used with all BeoLab loudspeakers for the ultimate surround sound experience with BeoVision 7, BeoVision 4, or with a projector setup.

BeoLab 7-4 is a two-way dedicated mono centre loudspeaker driven by two 250W digital ICEpower amplifier units, fine-tuned with a special focus on the reproduction of speech. The amplifier units drive the 5″ woofer/mid-range and 3/4″ tweeter, guaranteeing a powerful bass, midrange and treble performance. ICEpower is a Bang & Olufsen patented technology which combines high efficiency and low energy consumption with excellent sound quality, saving precious space in the loudspeaker cabinet without compromising sound quality.

The acoustic lens at the top of BeoLab 7-4 ensures a perfect sound dispersion from the treble through 180 degrees horizontally. Bang & Olufsen is exclusively licensed by Sausalito Audio Works LLC of California, USA, to use Acoustic Lens Technology in domestic loudspeakers. BeoLab 7-4 has a vertical construction that provides the best possible tonal balance found in speech.

BeoLab 7-4 generates exceptional sound volume, enabling it to play up to even a set of BeoLab 5 loudspeakers. The cabinet is cast in a single piece of aluminium and coated in the resilient black soft-touch lacquer. The front panel is available in four colours — black, dark grey, red and blue — in addition to natural aluminium.

A loudspeaker to be experienced With the release of BeoLab 7-4, Bang & Olufsen has further increased the versatility and choices available for connoisseurs of television and cinematic sound. For example, when used with BeoVision 7, BeoLab 7-4 is mounted on the television’s stand. When used with BeoVision 4 or a large projection screen, it can be mounted on a special wall bracket.

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