Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay A9 MKIV with skiniplay Cover

BeoPlay A9 is a digital loudspeaker offering wireless streaming via AirPlay, DLNA and Bluetooth. It incorporates internet radio via TuneIn and music services via Spotify Connect, Deezer or QPlay. Sources are selected in the BeoMusic App.


  • Adding Bluetooth for streaming and for remote control with BeoSound Essence remote
  • Adding Deezer music service and TuneIn internet radio as integrated sources
  • Introducing BeoMusic App for convenient access to your music.
  • Even easier setup
  • Extending the simple on-device operation
  • Adding 5 GHz for better Wi-Fi performance
  • Creating more spaciousness in the sound profile via optimised DSP
  • Prepared for multi-room functionality (available via software update in summer 2015)

Original price was: £2,699.00.Current price is: £2,399.00.

Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay A9 MKIV with skiniplay Cover


Music services
You no longer stream music from your mobile device (e.g. iPhone) as music will play directly from the cloud. This means that you do not have to rely on unstable connections to stream your music from your device to BeoPlay A9. The functionality of your mobile device has changed from being the music source to become a remote used to control the music playing from your music service on BeoPlay A9. Finally, as your music service is now played directly from your BeoPlay A9, you avoid disruptions in the connection if somebody calls you, or if you need to run other programs simultaneously while playing music from your Spotify account.
Music services also give you unlimited freedom– if your device gets out of range from BeoPlay A9, the music will keep playing– all because your device is now a remote rather than the streaming source.

TuneIn internet radio is integrated as a radio source in BeoPlay A9. TuneIn lets you listen to the world’s radio stations from wherever you are. TuneIn gives you over 70,000 live radio stations and two million on-demand programs, like podcasts, concerts, and interviews.

On the top of the rear edge of the product you will find an integrated pattern in the plastic part that holds a capacitive touch sensor for volume control and mute.

As something new, a short tap on the top will activate the last played source, and if you have not played any source lately, BeoPlay A9 will automatically activate TuneIn.

It also includes simple operation such as “Next” or “Previous” if you add a light tap to the edge on either the right-hand (next) or left-hand (previous) side of BeoPlay A9. If using TuneIn it will change between the radio stations in your favourite list.

The sound system in BeoPlay A9 remains as it is today. BeoPlay A9 is still perfected for a stereo experience, but the DSP has been optimised to include even more spaciousness in the sound profile. This will be especially easy to hear when you are standing next to BeoPlay A9.

The new digital sound engine offers the possibility of Wi-Fi using both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. Depending on your IT infrastructure, we recommend you to use the 5 GHz Wi-Fi if possible to get the best possible bandwidth performance.

BeoPlay A9 will be able to integrate in a Network Link setup with Bang & Olufsen audio and video products. This functionality will be implemented in a later software update, and all the A9 MKIIs sold will automatically get this functionality.

The IR receiver in BeoPlay A9 has been removed, as it now offers remote control via the BeoSound Essence Remote, which is a much more likely scenario for remote control of BeoPlay A9. In many cases, people will of course also use their smartphone as a remote control.

BeoMusic App
The BeoMusic App gives you access to music in a cool and uncomplicated way. It is designed to allow you to be ‘comfortably lost’ in your music collection. The BeoMusic App is available for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. The App can be downloaded for free, but in order to be ”activated” it has to be in the same network as a compatible Bang & Olufsen or B&O PLAY product. Currently compatible products are: BeoSound Essence, BeoPlay A9 MKII, BeoSound Moment.

Additional information

Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 82 × 81 × 31 cm

BeoPlay A9


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