Bang & Olufsen BeoVision 10 – 32″ with Motor Floorstand

The BeoVision 10 is an incarnation of the BeoVision 5 design theme, finally done in the style originally conceived – a TV which emulates a picture in all dimensions – even thickness. The set is a mere 7 cm thick. A 200Hz panel with edge type LED lighting offers superb clarity, with the advantages of VisionClear added to the mix.

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Bang & Olufsen BeoVision 10 – 32″ with Motor Floorstand

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Much more than a TV

Prepare to be awed by BeoVision 10 – a staggeringly beautiful flat-screen television, designed to grace your wall like a work of art. Flat on the wall, but big on sound, BeoVision 10 comes with powerful acoustics and incredible surround sound capabilities. Let your eyes soak in the sleek black glass, atop a speaker cabinet that together form a unique square shape.

Room for a View

The third set in the ever expanding BeoVision 10 range, this set was designed primarily as a link room set. It shared the thin profile and design of the other sets in the series but lacked the surround sound module of the bigger sets. It was possible to attach both a sub-woofer and two front speakers though these reverted to the system seen many years earlier in the LX and MX sets of utilising a centre balance system.

In common with the BV10-40, an LED edge backlight system was used though the screen itself was a 100Hz device.

Sound was catered for by two way active speakers for each channel though the innovative bass woofer box seen on the 40″ and 46″ models was no longer present. Interestingly a similar frequency response of 85-20-000Hz was claimed.

A DVB module was an option and the same facilities for switching off the analogue tuner were present on this model as its larger brother.



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Weight 40 kg
Dimensions 84 × 78 × 10 cm



Bang & Olufsen

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Full HD

Mounting Option

Motorised Floor Stand

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