Bang & Olufsen BeoVision 10 – 40″ MK2 with Wall Bracket and Beo 4

A BeoVision 10-40 Full-HD LED TV, key data:
  • 40-inch full HD LCD panel with LED backlight
  • MK2 version with 3 HDMI ports

Including original wall bracket, can be swiveled to one side, can be attached to the left or right, as well as the BEO4 system remote control.

Fitting options:

This tv comes with manually adjustable Wall Bracket but we can source a motorized floorstand if needed.

Shipping and Installation Charges:

We can arrange for free shipping and installation within the London area. For areas out of London but not beyond 30 miles from London boundary, we can try to arrange free shipping and installation but may have increased timescales. Areas beyond these will incur a shipping fee. Please reach out to our team at [email protected] for any shipping and installation related questions or quotes, they will be happy to assist with the pricing.


Bang & Olufsen BeoVision 10 – 40″ MK2 with Wall Bracket and Beo 4


Invisible lightness

The designers pursued the idea of ​​making the frame as light as possible – i. H. almost invisible – in order to draw full attention to the screen of the TV set. In order to implement this idea, the designers had to rethink the traditional frame design that allows the television to stand in the room and thus creates a distance from the wall. At the end of your deliberations, you had come up with a solution that would take the development of flat-screen televisions a huge step forward – in terms of design and workmanship as well as the materials used.

A fascinating viewing experience

Every smallest element of the TV set has been manufactured with absolute attention to detail in order to offer its owner a fascinating viewing experience. An experience that will give you goose bumps. The square black picture surface is framed by a narrow, polished aluminum frame and creates an appearance in which the picture appears to float on the screen. The LED-based LCD screen produces razor-sharp images full of depth. The transition to the front textile covering of the loudspeaker housing is barely noticeable. The interplay of materials and attributes of BeoVision 10 stimulates our imagination even when it is switched off.

The sound is half the picture

Flat screen televisions are often criticized for their poor sound quality because they lack space for powerful speakers. The sound engineers and acoustic engineers at Bang & Olufsen managed to solve this problem by creating additional space in BeoVision 10 for the speakers. The specially designed 2-way loudspeaker and the bass units sit discreetly below the screen behind an exchangeable loudspeaker cover, which is available in various impressive colors.

BeoVision 10 houses a powerful active stereo speaker system with center bass in the 40 ”and 46” models. Pamper your ears with a full and rich sound experience that you would never have expected a flat screen TV to.

Not just a TV set, but a full-fledged hi-fi system

The sound of BeoVision 10 makes the birds sing. Bet that? This system is so impressive that you can use it as a home stereo. Use Apple TV to play your music from your PC or AirPlay devices such as iPod, iPhone or iPad on your TV – and create a home that suits your mood.

You’ll be amazed – even if the screen stays black.

Your cinema experience at home

BeoVision 10 transforms your living room into your personal home theater. With it you experience television that can compete with any cinema and is also characterized by remarkable comfort and ease of use. Load your entire film and music collection onto a media server – such as a NAS drive or Mac Mini -, connect it to your digital media player and you can easily access your films and music on BeoVision 10.

BeoVision 10 was developed to add value to the living space. When you switch it on, the view is slowly revealed to the picture behind an opening curtain and the sound also builds up gently. The TV set measures the attributes of the incoming signal as well as the lighting conditions in the room and adjusts the picture accordingly. Advanced image processing and VisionClear technology provide you with an extremely realistic image. BeoVision 10 is the epitome of the perfect symbiosis of grandiose sound and perfect picture, which at the end of the day offers you a real cinema experience. Get your popcorn, make yourself comfortable and let BeoVision 10 enchant you.

Additional information

Weight 72 kg
Dimensions 124 × 110 × 80 cm



Bang & Olufsen



Screen Size



Full HD

Mounting Option

Wall Bracket

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