Bang & Olufsen Beolab 14 White 2.1

BeoLab 14 Speakers in a 2.1 setup

The new surround sound speaker set impresses with its powerful, authentic sound performance, its minimalist and concurrently elegant design as well as numerous color options and installation possibilities. Moreover, it can be connected to any TV system from Bang & Olufsen or another manufacturer to transform your home into a fantastic surround sound home theater.

The BeoLab 14 is offered as a package in two versions: for Bang & Olufsen TV sets as a package with 4 satellite speakers and a subwoofer; for TVs from other brands as a package with 5 satellite speakers and a subwoofer.

The BeoLab 14 can be connected directly to all Bang & Olufsen TVs that are equipped with an integrated surround sound module . For connection to a TV without module, an external receiver is required.

Suitable for any TV’s (also non-B&O TV’s)
Placement options: wall mount, ceiling mount, table stand or floor stand
Textile cover in six different colors to choose from
Advanced technology, elegant design, selected materials
Wall bracket and white speaker covers included in standard scope of supply

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Bang & Olufsen Beolab 14 White 2.1


The BeoLab 14 is a prime example of the fact that outstanding sound is of paramount importance. BeoLab 14 is a complete surround sound speaker system, that impresses with its powerful and authentic sound performance, its elegant design and numerous placement and color variations. The speaker system can be connected to any TV system from Bang & Olufsen or another manufacturer – Your music and movies will get more depth, and your video games, the BeoLab 14 loudspeaker system gives more intensity and more excitement. Responsible for this is the sound because this affects our thoughts and feelings. And sound from Bang & Olufsen is characterized by an uncompromising quality that put everything else in the shade.

The four small round satellite speakers are slightly tilted backwards. This optimizes the sound effect is the one, on the other hand, the visual effect makes sure that the speakers fit discreetly into any environment. The edge of anodized aluminum elegantly underlines the color scheme of the room and makes the speaker appear even smaller.

The satellite speakers are made from a single piece of aluminum by using pressure, corresponding to 170 tons, into shape. The result? A seamless, circular structure in a robust and flawless design that transmits the natural sound of the BeoLab 14 perfectly.

The satellite speakers of the BeoLab 14 surround sound system can be placed on the wall, on the ceiling, placed on the floor or on the table. You can place the subwoofer anywhere in the room on the floor – and enjoy a truly magical home theater experience.

The BeoLab 14 is the sounding evidence that the exterior can be deceiving. The small satellite speakers of the speaker system look elegant and understated, but each has a high-/midrange- speaker driver with a 140-watt amplifier, which is placed in the subwoofer. Also hidden in the subwoofer is an equalizer for each driver unit, which ensures accurate sound from each speaker. And thanks to the “room adaptation” technology by Bang & Olufsen, the subwoofer can be arbitrarily placed. The bass performance can be adjusted to the spatial conditions by pressing the position switch on the connector panel.

When is the optimal position for your subwoofer is on a wall, a sofa or a bookcase, choose the position, ‘wall’ to perfectly suit the sound to each installation site. If you want to place your subwoofer in the room in the middle, choose the position, ‘stand-alone’to experience the highest listening pleasure without the need for the walls as an amplifier for the sound. If you prefer to place your subwoofer in a corner you do not have to worry about any interferences by the two walls. Simply select the position, ‘corner’.

Bang & Olufsen has developed many advanced technologies and put them in magnificent and harmonious designs. And so, also the BeoLab 14 surround sound system impresses through its distinctive and still discreet style. The front of the satellite speaker is covered with fabric, while the fabric cover of the subwoofer is above. You can play with the variety of colors, from restrained to striking – just as you wish.
Experience sound that will absolutely take you, and a system that integrates easily into your existing TV setup. Connect the BeoLab 14 to a Bang & Olufsen television or even TV systems from other manufacturers. Either way, once you experience the lifelike and vivid sound, you will understand why superior sound is of paramount importance.

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Weight 24 kg
Dimensions 39 × 59 × 55 cm

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