Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay A2

BeoPlay A2 is a stereo loudspeaker with two channels on each side of the device, applying a new Bang & Olufsen technology called “Power Response Enhancement”. The technology exploits the wide sound dispersion in the low frequency to boost the sound at the edges and get an omnidirectional sound. The result is an experience called “True360”.

The midrange in BeoPlay A2 is very good, which results in an excellent speech reproduction. That comes in handy when listinging to podcasts, watching movies or just listening to music.


  • constructed flat and sturdy, the BeoPlay A2 can be taken anywhere
  • can be used for charging your smartphone
  • Bluetooth 4.0 (remembers up to 8 users) 2 devices can be connected simultaneously
  • up to 24 hours continuous playback


Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay A2


BeoPlay A2 (black) - made to moveMade to move – It is a phrase with duality. BeoPlay A2 is a product you can physically move – and it is a product that can move you emotionally. You move it – and it moves you. Das BeoPlay A2 is also designed specifically for people in motion and on the go. The “made to move” message is meant to inspire you to explore the world with the new BeoPlay A2 portable Bluetooth loudspeaker.

BeoPlay A2 was created with the goal to create a portable loudspeaker that you could bring with you everywhere and that would be optimized for social listening. And since it had to be a loudspeaker perfect for social sound, it was decided to explore the possibility of developing a sound performance that would make listening experience great for everyone. BeoPlay A2’s unique True360 omnidirectional sound technology lets everyone enjoy equally good sound, no matter where they are placed.

Featuring an unique flat design with a solid aluminum core for acoustic stability and durability – and a polymer shell designed to withstand the ruggedness of a life on the go. The width of BeoPlay A2 is approximately 45mm – a size that ensures stability so the speaker will not fall over easily but still allows the product to be narrow enough to fit most bags. A short premium leather strap lets you carry BeoPlay A2 easily with you wherever you go.

BeoPlay A2 (green) details
Product materials

The core of BeoPlay A2 is made from extruded aluminum. Aluminum extrusion is a technique used to transform aluminum alloy into objects with a fixed cross-sectional profile. This technique gives you both the ability to create very complex cross-sections – and it also ensures an excellent surface finish.

It requires a great deal of precision drilling to make sure the aluminum core on BeoPlay A2 fits the grill. The procedure used is called CNC milling and takes more than 30 minutes per speaker.

The grill on the speaker is made from a combination of polycarbonate and ABS. It is referred to as durable polymer. The actual casting of the grill is a very complex task; the polymer has to flow around the holes – and fasten on the other side. There is a risk involved here, because it can result in “stretch marks” or “bright spots” on the polymer if too much air is left in or not enough polymer gets around the holes for an even surface.

BeoPlay A2 - control buttons

The control buttons on the top of the speaker (power, volume, Bluetooth) have all been made tactile, which means that you can feel the interaction – and you are not in doubt whether or not pressed a button correctly.

BeoPlay A2 is a robust product that can withstand bumps and scratches. The drivers inside the speaker are water resistant and the buttons on the side are sealed so water cannot get in – as are the areas where the aluminium is attached to the polymer. BeoPlay A2 can take the occasional sprinkle and rain drops, but is by no means meant for underwater listening.

BeoPlay A2 applies the latest in Bluetooth technology, Bluetooth 4.0, which supports the so- called aptX codec. This results in 16 bit sound performance at 44,1kHz, which corresponds to CD quality. Bluetooth 4.0 also provides improved security and supports faster speed in data transmission than previous versions. The Bluetooth technology is now matured to a level that can truly give you an engaging music experience. BeoPlay A2 remembers up to 8 users, and can play from 2 devices at a time – so you can team up with your friends and take turns being the DJ.

Bluetooth 4.0 uses less power than previous versions and Bang & Olufsen has taken that even further by developing an Adaptive Power Management system, which dynamically adapts power output to allow up to a 24 hour continuous playback.

Feel confident that your smartphone will not run out of battery when BeoPlay A2 is nearby. Connect through the USB port and charge directly. This way, you can get sure that you have enough battery life on both your BeoPlay A2 and your phone to enjoy the music.

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 36 × 25 × 7 cm

BeoPlay A2


Bang & Olufsen


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